About us

At Superdrug
we speak up
and stand out!

We’re all about personality. We’re bold. We’re real, not perfect. We inspire the new. We speak up because we believe in who we are.

We have fun. We laugh. We care, and we work hard. Always driven and true to ourselves, our people and our customers. 

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With over 200 pharmacies and 90 health clinics, we play a vital role in communities across the UK. We’re a natural home for talented healthcare professionals, so why not join us and you’ll find a retail team that you’ll love being with and a support team that are always there for you. If you want to make a difference to your community and make a positive change in your life, we’ll invest in your learning and development and open up a whole world of healthcare opportunity. #WhereYouCanBeYou

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There’s one special thing we have in common. It’s that feeling of passion, which gets us out of bed every morning ready for a new challenge. No matter the weather. It’s that feeling of pride when we see our people progress, grow and sparkle.

It’s the energy, that buzz we feel when we get together and make brilliant things happen.

What makes us different? What makes us go that extra mile in all we do? It’s what makes us…us - That Superdrug Feeling! This describes a feeling in our people, in our stores (both offline and online), in our incredible products, in our communications and of course our amazing customer service. It’s in all of us, so come and be a part of it and check out our opportunities!