Our top 10 interview tips

We want you to be yourself when you come to meet us. Don't be nervous, relax and enjoy yourself. We are all about working and playing hard... and if it helps, wear your lucky pants.

1: Visit a store

Check out your local Superdrug store. What do you think of it? What are the customers like? Would you fit in as part of the team?

What it’s like
“Superdrug has something unique. It’s fun and friendly.”

2: Get to know our brand

We love our brand! And we love to know what other people think of it. Check out our website, look at our product ranges (don’t forget Own Brand) and talk to your friends. Bring your views to your interview.

What it’s like
“There’s a real passion for the Superdrug brand.”

3: Know your role

Check the job description. Make sure you know exactly what your role will be. Are you up for it? What makes you suited that role?

What it’s like
“The best thing is the people. You meet such a wide variety.”

4: Get the basics right

Don’t forget to check the basics: who’s interviewing you, where and at what time. Knowing this will help you arrive on time, relaxed and ready to go.

What it’s like
“It’s a fun, caring and relaxing environment.”

5: Remember, it’s about you!

What are your strong points? What have you achieved elsewhere? And where is there room for improvement? Go on, big yourself up a bit.

What it’s like
“I like to push myself and test the boundaries.”

6: Think about your body language

How you present yourself makes a big difference. Dress professionally. And be positive with your body language.

What it’s like
“Everyone’s really friendly and approachable.”

7: Interview us!

The interview is also your chance to ask us questions. So think about what you want to ask us – it’s a great opportunity to find out if the role’s right for you!

What it’s like
“The business is always evolving. It’s fast-paced and fun.”

8: Do the talking

We really want to hear about you. So don’t be afraid to do the talking! Share with us what you’ve done and elaborate on the experience you’ve gained.

What it’s like
“I know that Superdrug can support my career.”

9: Bring your details

Don’t forget to bring anything we’ve asked for. This will include your evidence of Right to Work in the UK (Passport/Birth Certificate and National Insurance Number).

What it’s like
“There are really exciting job prospects and training programmes.”

10: Be yourself

Don’t fake it! Let your personality shine through – be open, smile and enjoy the experience. We’re a friendly bunch.

What it’s like
“I love working here because the people are great.”

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